FAIL!! Attempted Burglar Needs Firemen’s Assistance After Getting Stuck In Window

Tight fit: The burglar makes hard work of his break and (non) entry Perhaps he had put on a few pounds since the last time he went, er, window shopping.

For when this hapless burglar tried to break into a house at 2am yesterday, he found himself in a bit of a tight spot.

After attempting to slip in through an unlocked window under the cover of darkness, the thief found himself stuck fast in the tiny frame measuring just 12in by 8in.

Unable to wriggle out of it, the crook was left with his bottom and legs dangling outside the ground floor window for almost six hours until he was discovered by the astonished owner of the house as he came downstairs for breakfast.

Police, ambulance and fire crews were called to the address in Bow, east London after the homeowner reported the intruder’s sticky predicament at 7.30am.

Two fire engines attended and ten firefighters worked to free him using a ladder to support the man’s legs as bolt-cutters sliced through the window frame.
Amused by the spectacle, neighbours gathered to watch.

One resident said: ‘It was hilarious. All of the neighbours came outside to take a look at his legs and backside sticking out of the window.

‘He must have felt a right idiot. Most people wanted him to be left there. There is one neighbour who is a surgeon, and he told the emergency services he’d be able to get the burglar out without damaging the window.
‘But they politely declined, saying they would rather get him out in one piece.’

After 30 minutes, the man was finally freed although he lost his tracksuit top in the process.

He was later led handcuffed and topless to a waiting ambulance.

After briefly being checked by paramedics, the man described as white and thin – although evidently not thin enough — was given the all-clear and taken away in a police van.
A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said: ‘At 7.30am we were called to reports of a male found stuck in a downstairs window at a house in Tomlins Grove, Bow.’


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