Shocking and Awful: A 4-Year-Old Boy Gets Herpes After Putting A Used Condom In His Mouth From A Hotel Room!

A 4-year-old boy’s mouth is now covered with what appears to be herpes blisters after he played with a USED condom he found in an Atlanta hotel room that he thought was a balloon! And fears are growing that he may have contracted other sexually transmitted diseases from the incident.
Distraught grandmother Carmen Jones says she and her grandson were staying at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in downtown Atlanta last month when she noticed him with a discarded condom in his MOUTH.
“I ran out the bathroom and my grandson had a condom in his mouth. His tongue was in the condom and he was trying to blow it up. I immediately took it out of his mouth and he thought it was a balloon, that he was blowing up a balloon,” she told WCGL News. “It still had what appeared to be s**** in the condom.”
Jones told hotel management what happened and they confiscated the condom. “I want to take the condom and have it tested,” she said.
A day later, her grandson became ill and showed signs of what looked like an STD. “Little white blisters all on the top of his mouth, on his tongue, inside the mouth, inside the lip the bottom lip, it was all over,” she said.
But after 10 days of treatment–which cleared up the blisters–the boy has suffered yet another outbreak.
Jones is now awaiting the results from the medical tests.


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